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A Reliable Guide to Your Move

Striving to gain a competitive edge, business leaders are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs while maximizing value. Cloud solutions offer on-demand agility and seamless operations scaling for many IT organizations.

Cloud solutions make IT flexible, enabling timely responses to a changing business environment, whether expanding or contracting. With less waste of time and resources, businesses effectively do more with less, transforming in to leaner and more efficient organizations. The earlier and faster an organization adopts and embeds cloud technology, the greater potential for its return on investment.

So what’s keeping you from moving to the cloud? Worries about data security and control? Concerns about vendor support? The expectation that you need to be all cloud or on-premise, but not both? The need to adapt or re-architect systems? Or are you overwhelmed with the thought that the whole process is too complicated?

Whatever your concern, Everest Consultants will work closely with you to answer questions, assess your situation and offer its expertise to help you make the right decision for your organization about migrating to the cloud. Count on Everest Consultants to act as a reliable guide to your move.

Cloud Skills:

  • Cloud: Azure SDK, AWS SDK, Google Cloud SDK
  • Development: J2EE, Java, Spring, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Restful web services, JSON
  • Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, SQL Database, Dynamo DB, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, Oracle

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Everest Consultants acts as a reliable guide to businesses ready to move to the clouds.

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Cloud Computing Services

  • Strategy and planning
  • Security
  • Secure private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud application development
  • Cloud maintenance