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Make IT Happen

Application Development

Collect, Manage and Analyze data from devices in real time for the IoT

The IoT (Internet of Things) is more strategic and feasible than ever before with the data explosion due to the proliferation of devices, pervasive wireless connectivity, and the emergence of cloud technologies.

Everest Consultants can implement IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to harness the enormous data collected and gain insights using advanced analytics. The three centerpieces of IoT are device connectivity, data processing, and analytics.

Our expertise in a range of end points with firmware, embedded systems and application level programming enables us to implement low-cost and small-footprint devices with features to program devices and collect data to realize the IoT. In addition, these devices can be remotely managed from the cloud to configure, monitor, control and upgrade to lower maintenance costs for a range of application needs.

Our Big Data skills will enable data collection from millions of remote devices, process, aggregate data for advanced analytics involving visualization and machine learning. We provide an incremental approach starting with a small proof of concept, add features and capabilities with every iteration and scale to large production deployments.

We have IoT platform expertise on Windows Azure, AWS, Google and industry leading vendors.